Thursday, April 30, 2009

Final Four Here We Come

Wednesday I went to my box at school to find the most precious letter ever. It was so dear to my heart because it was so encouraging. The second I opened it like a proud "aunt" I posted it on my "refrigerator" white board!

We won our game on Tuesday against Union Grove and advanced to the Elite 8. I wanted to get this posted before our game tomorrow. We are playing Harrison at 5:00 at there place. I have my girls pumped and we are ready to WIN! This is only the 3rd time we have had a chance to advance to the final 4.

Go Lady Panthers!

PS Thank you Charlie and Katie for my awesome picture of came in perfect timing!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A couple of cute dresses!

Not a great pic of the headband...but it goes with the dress below.
I made this precious pair dress for a co-worker who had her little Keely Jane April 22!
This cute headband coordinates with the dress below.
I made this one for Molly Kate, my good friends little girl due in June! Maybe June 19th ;)

I love this one...I used two different color ribbons for the ties on this one.

I have several other dresses in the making and will post those pictures soon. One is a brown fabric with green and teal is soooooo cute. The other is a mod floral pattern with pinks, greens and yellows!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

She Called...

Prayer worked. My sister got word today from her roommates mom that she called yesterday and is in fact living with the guy and his family whom she met on the internet. I am so thankful that she is ok. As for the worry she has caused...God will work that out for her. Now my sister and her other roommates have to figure out what to do. The landlords are no willing to do without her rent but were willing to drop the rent $100.00 which would help a little. But with my sister so close to the wedding it will be tough to find somewhere else to pray that God works everything out on that end as well.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update on my sisters roommate

I spoke with my sister and there really is not much information but I will say that the investigators are not thinking any foul play has taken place and won't until there is evidence that there has been. The investigators called my sister on Friday asking if she had taken any toiletries with her, and she has not. She did not take anything with her (no clothes, bills, toiletries or anything). There is suspicion that she is with someone she was talking to over the internet because they have been looking at her cell phone bills (she has internet on her phone). She had been speaking on this chat thing via her phone with a co-worker and about 12 days ago she took her co-worker off her chat list. He asked her why and her reponse was when she gets a new friend she takes the other off her list. This new friend is who they believe she may be with. She was speaking with this guy (whom I don't feel comfortable mentioning the name of here) right before she was last seen. They were able to check if there has been any activity between the two (my sisters roommate and the guy they think she may be with) since she has been missing. All this being said, this is unlike my sisters roommate. She has never disappeared in this manner before not letting anyone know that she is ok. Also they have put out the missing person report in all of the state of Georgia and are contacting the Locust Grove police department which is in the are where she is believed to be. If she is stopped with in the state of Georgia she will be taken into custody and possibly arrested due to the fact that the police have gotten involed. I just hope we find something out soon and hope that she is ok. As I hear more I will continue to update. I can't imagine the worry that her parents may feel. My sister is worried as well and when things like this happen your mind just runs rampid. All the prayers we can get would be so appreciated. Specifically prayer that the roommate will let someone know that she is ok.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Funny Story

This is probably going to be one of those "you had to be there moments" but I have to share. Ok so late last night I went from our bedroom across the house to get some toilet paper from our other bathroom. I have to pass through our living room to do so. I decided that I did not need the light on because there was plenty of natural moon light to see the can see where this is heading. So I make it almost to the other halway and...BANG. I run straight into the corner of the wall. So catching me by surprise I of course start crying. I walk into the restroom grab what I need and by the time I make it back to our bedroom I see Jonathan and start half crying half laughing. He has this look on his face like what in the world did you do. My lip (point of contact with the wall) has started swelling by this time and I have a huge welp. So we go back into the bedroom and (if you have not seen it yet you will laugh next time you do because of this post) that commercial is on where this guy is walking and out of no where he runs into a street sign with his face. Right before that happened in the commercial Jonathan goes..."hey babe it's you." We died laughing. But let me tell you at first it hurt! Anyway we laughed and thought we'd share so maybe you can laugh at our...or should I say my expense :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick Update

1. My sister, her other roommate and her missing roommates mom filed the missing persons report the other day and they strongly feel she has left whoever this person from the internet is. I can only pray that she is safe and whoever she is with has no ill intent. As I get information I will update you. I at least hope she calls someone soon to let them know if she is ok.

2. I have some super cute crafty things I have been working on and will try to update pictures of over the weekend.

3. My soccer team won their first state game 6-0 last night against Windsor Forest. We play the second round next Tuesday at home!!! Go Lady Panthers!!!!

I think that is all for now...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Missing Person Alert

I hate to even have to post this but my sister and I have had multiple conversations the past couple of days regarding a roommate of hers. The girls in the house have not seen their roommate since April 9th and the place that her roommate supposidly worked has not seen her since April 11th. Her cell phone has also been shut off. My sister has spoken with her roommates mother who does not know where she is either. The girls rent check bounced and this is what caught their attention. I have been pushing my sister for about a week to submit the report, but it was just yesterday that the mother finally realized that she was not where they thought she was and that they really don't know where she was either (she thought she was staying with someone else and working at the place and infact she has not been). So they have officially decided to submit a report to the police and are doing that right as I type this.

I have had a funny feeling all along about this since my sister called and told me that they had not seen her in a while. The scary part is that they know that she had been talking to a man online that she did not know. They also know that he advanced her some money at some point. That is all that we know right now...but well all know how dangerous the internet can be.

PLEASE pray that they find her safe. Pray for her family and for the girls that she lives with. I know they are worried for her.

I will keep you updated.

Monday, April 13, 2009

One Little Spring Break Craft

I was hoping this would turn out to look like a unisex outfit...but it is soooo hard to find things that are unisex. A girlfriend of mine at school is having a baby and is due June 17th. She is keeping it a surprise.
I had to put one on the little hiney. I looked and I looked and finally found this yellow onsie (I really wanted a plain one) but it has this cute little saying about Grandma's house on it.
I was going to paint the little birdies on, but got this fabulous idea to do appliques...MUCH CUTER! So I made this little frame and onsie.
I found a verse I liked in the bible and painted that on the's a little crooked...but it will do.

I have a couple more projects in the making. Ill keep updating.

More Pictures

My brother and his sweet wife Shannon!!!
My sweet cousin who is 7 weeks along in her pregnancy!!! This is going to be so much fun.

Something other than soccer!

Liz, Patrick, and Ginny

Me and my handsome hubby on the right! I love spending time with him when I get breaks from school! The guy with Jonathan on the left is his cousin Casey. He is in the National Guard and will be deploying soon.

Some of the cutest little kiddos...Jonathan's cousins!

I had an absolutely wonderful spring break. So wonderful that it was hard to go back to school today. But the kids didn't change to it was not that bad. Over my break I rested, cleaned the house, rested, rested, we picked up Jonathan's new car (yeah a 4 door with an automatic transmission), rested, spent time with family, added two more people to my growing list of family/friends who are pregnant. My dear sweet cousin Elizabeth is 7 weeks along...she and I grew up very close.

We spent Easter with both sides of the family, eating the main lunch with Jonathan's side first, running over to my uncles and eating a small second lunch and some desert, then back to Jonathan's to see his dad off to the airport. Here are some pictures:

Jonathan's Uncle Tim and his precious girlfriend...we all LOVED her!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another WIN!

I do promise that I have a life out side of soccer...but for the moment it is all consuming. We beat our county rival last night, Alexander, 1-0. This is always the game of the season for us. We had at least 3 other gorgeous shots, that the only reason I can come up with for them not going in is that God just didn't ordain it. Sometimes I just wish he'd pick sides ;) Anyway, I was so proud of my girls...look out here we come STATE! We were supposed to play Walton (a seriously good team, like Starr's Mill) today but the weather canceled us. We will more than likely not be able to reschedule which would leave us with a 12 and 0 record for this season and having scored 80 goals and only allowing 1. It has truly been a blessed year. I am thankful that the girls have stayed strong and healthy. Now for a little rest and relaxation...Spring Break is officially here in my mind. I am staying home for the break to relax, do a little crafting, and get some things done around the house!