Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Past Couple Of Days And What Is To Come

The past couple of days have been nice...except that the reality of going back to work is right around the corner. I am hoping that it won't be as bad as I am afraid of. I am teaching a new prep next semester. We had to make a few changes in the schedule and so I had a class change in my own schedule. I will be teaching Forensics. This being the first time I have had to "prepare" for a "brand new" class in several years on top of leading the department on top of coaching soccer for the high school (every night of the week) and the Dougls County Soccer Association (just two nights a week). So this semester is going to be nothing less of a balancing act and I am going to need a lot of time with God to maintain all the other duties that come along with being a married woman (I know that they come ahead of the others listed above). I completely love my job and I am so blessed to love the work I do and feel rewarded doing it but I struggle (like I am sure many working wives/mothers) to keep a good balance between working and keeping up with my wifely duties. My nights are about to lengthen with soccer and so the struggle to keep up with laundry, dishes and the cleaning will become a little tougher...ok a lot. If you know me you know those are my least favorite things to do and I need A LOT of sleep to just function normally. So to say the least I am a bit nervous about what lies ahead. But I want to go into the new year with a good attitude and be thankful that I have a job, no make that several jobs.... a teacher, a leader to my science dept., a coach, a friend, and wife among others. I want to view them as just another opportunity to allow God to work in my life and touch others. It just gets hard sometimes when stress creeps keep me in your prayers that I will approach all of these things with a loving attitude and do them and be them in the way God intended and in a way that I can be useful to His kingdom.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bragging Rights!

This Christmas I decided I was not going to just sit on the side lines. Instead I decided I was going to take part in our Christmas production at church this year. I got to sing in the Christmas Celebration Choir and it was so much fun. Knowing Jonathan would be spending most of his time at the church I knew I had to make a choice to be there so that we could at least see each other. God truly blessed that because I was able to be with him instead of sitting at home on the couch complaining about how he is not at home during the Christmas season. I have definitely learned that when you have a spouse that works for a church...they will spend a lot of their time there and the two of us are much happier when we sacrifice time and make a point to be with each other even if it's me just going up to the church and sitting with him when he has to work late or when he can he comes home early to be with me. However, me singing in the Christmas choir or the time sacrificed is definitely not what I am bragging about. I really feel blessed that I was able to serve in that manner. But was also blessed to be able to hear my husband sing one of my most favorite Christmas songs called "Let There Be Light"...that is what I am bragging about. I was so excited when I heard that's what he was going to be singing I made my sister record it for me using my camera. I watched him perform this song at least 5 times and I just sat in awe of the beautiful voice that God has blessed him with...enjoy! Also I am sorry that the video is sideways...but that is not what least to me:)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas at the Underwood's (Ginny and Daniel's)

Sunday evening we had our "Christmas Eve" gathering at Jonathan's mom and dads. The whole family was there....including mine. We are SO incredibly blessed in the Christmas season with how our families gather. We do Christmas eve with Jonathan's family (and my family comes over too). Then we do Christmas day with my family (and Jonathan's family comes over too). It couldn't be any better. This year was pretty neat because I got to meet Jonathan's cousin Brandi...let's just say I have been waiting a LONG time to meet her. We had a lot of fun watching the little one's (Jonathan's little cousins) unwrap their gifts and playing the white elephant gift swap. I got the best gift...Cranium! Here are some pictures of the night of fun:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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