Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy 2 Months Sweet Emersyn Kate

The past two months have been such a rollercoaster. Nothing can prepare you for becoming a first time mom other than becoming a first time mom! We could not feel more blessed to have our sweet girl in our arms and continue our journey through life with her by our side. We are going to see the doctor tomorrow for a well visit so I'll be able to add some high lights, but here are a few for now!

  • She weighs right at 12 pounds

  • We will find out how long she is tomorrow

  • Has slept through the night a couple times

  • Holds her head up unassisted

  • Loves to stand in your lap
  • Found her hands and LOVES to suck on them and her thumb when she can manage to get it in her mouth.

  • Smiles voluntarily

  • Coohs and tries to talk back to you, its the funniest thing!

  • Loves to be held straight up facing out. So nosey!

  • Eats about every 3 hours during the day.

  • Sleeps in her own crib.

  • Still on prevacid for her reflux.

  • Required me to quit dairy! Much less spitting up since I have eliminated it from my diet.

This is what I think about my bouncy seat...

Our sweet girl makes sure you know what she wants!
Mom, you know I would much rather you be holding me!

I thought I made it clear that I wanted you to pick me up! I guess Im gonna have to make it a little more clear.

Fine... does this pitiful face not say it all! Pick me up mommy, please!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Facebook Stinks!

This is will be a treat for my blogging friends at the expense of facebook. It literally took me 5 min to upload all the photos here and an hour to only upload 1 to facebook! Enjoy!

I just love this little face! This was also her first time taking this kind of passy!
I love her face from every angle! Rockin the huge flower!

I could kiss that little face ALL over!

Happy Birthday Aunt Christine!

Grandma has a special touch!

Love my Grandma and Grandaddy!

Not to excited about being sang happy b day to.

But she sucked it up and played along :)

Our sweet Shannon! Missed you bubbs!

Me and the hubby! LOVE HIM!

Love birds!

Still snoozin so mommy could eat!

Are those eyes I see?

Enjoying the rainy day with mommy!

That flash is funny! I think I might smile for it :)

Now for a little nap with my favorite lovie!

Me and Mommy played in my room tonight...

I had so much fun wtih her...

So I thought I would let her know by smiling and laughing!

She and daddy love me so much!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sneak Peek

We had some beautiful pictures of our sweet girl done this past weekend! We also took her for her 1 month appointment. Here are here stats:
  • 11 lbs
  • 22 1/2 in long
  • In the 90% for her age
We changed her reflux meds from zantac to prevacid and still have seen no difference. We are now going to eliminate ALL dairy from my diet. Wow, I might actually start having to eat some vegetables to stay alive.

Sweet Emersyn keeps me super busy and I don't have much time to get to the computer so I have been able to update facebook a little quicker.