Monday, February 22, 2010

Impact or lack thereof

Today has been one of the most frustrating days I had in a very long time. Not much has gone right starting at about 3:30 today. I had a frustrating day with my high school soccer crew in addition to a couple other frustrating things. We started out with team pictures NOT a soul on the team remembered that we had. Then could not get anywhere to practice the day before our biggest region game (the gym was not open and the fields were not in any shape to get practice on). I also had players who have committed to my program miss practice today for reasons unacceptable. One of the things that crossed my mind as the frustration in me mounted was, why do I devote my precious time to others just to have it disrespected. It is so frustrating to pour your self into something and see little to no return. I know that sometimes I allow things to frustrate me more than they should (and I assume lately it is compounded by my pregnancy), but it is so easy to sit back and think that I don't have time to put up with some of this junk that comes with all the things I currently have my self committed to. It is not worth my time or energy. But I think deep down there is a better more godly way to look at all of this. And I'll be honest in the heat of it and even currently it is difficult to see. But it even ties into something else that I want to post about ("The impact or lack thereof we have on others"). Even though I may feel frustrated and see no return currently does not mean that God is not doing his work. I have to remember that He has me here and committed to these things for a reason. And when days like this come I certainly need to remember I am working for him, not for other people. And all the time I am devoting is not for nothing. I will go ahead and share here why that is...I also have a u9 academy soccer team that I am working diligently to teach the team concept to. They really like to get comfortable in their "favorite" positions on the field and are often times bribed by parents to score goals. When this occurs a player who might be an all star keeper (the best in the academy) is definitely not going to want to play in the goal when she knows that if she can score goals she will get paid by mommy and daddy. So this weekend at our tournament I had a couple reluctant responses when I assigned positions. One in particular did not want to play in the goal (where her team needed her most) because there was incentive to score goals. Would it not make sense that there was incentive to stop goals??? That being said, I looked at the girls and explained to them very sternly the importance of being a team player and playing where they were needed for the team sake. I even had this conversation twice with them. That being said we wound up winning the YMCA Academy Icebreaker Championship this weekend. I will say I was frustrated with getting the team concept across to them (which most get) because some were just not getting it based on their response and attitudes (yes, they are 8 and 9 years old). But after we won as I was leaving my little goalie ran up to me and hugged me and left me with these words "Coach Anne Marie, Thank you so much for helping me learn today." Now this is the same child who was having some difficulty understanding why I ask them to play certain positions etc along with a few others she was not alone. So even though frustration may come with the job, God is still working and as long as what I am doing is with a pure heart and I am allowing God's work to be done and remembering it is all about Him and not me, maybe the frustration will lessen, maybe it won't, but just maybe others will see Him.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Only 2 Weeks

So far pregnancy has been mostly what I had expected. Nothing but complete joy. I know not everyone has as "symptom" free of a pregnancy as I have and my heart goes to those who have a harder time enjoying it. I have really started to see my belly change. It's still not huge, but definitely growing. More people are starting to notice, so I think I am coming out of the in between stage. Most things I have experienced I have expected, but there are a couple that have come as a surprise. Mostly how asymptomatic I have felt. No sickness or crazy symptoms that are strange. The other has currently slipped my mind as I type this. Hopefully it will come back. But for the most part things are going well in week 14! We have just 2 short weeks until we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I am so elated. For the most part of this pregnancy I have thought along with several family members that we are definitely having a girl, however, the other night I had my 3rd dream about the sex of the baby and all 3 dreams I have dreamed the baby is a boy. But today at school I saw Ms. Marilyn our sweetheart of a custodian who is just like a grandma who has been predicting the gender of babies for a long time. I was just dying to know what she thought about me, so I just had to ask her. I didnt say a word to her about what I thought or any dreams I had, for that matter she did not even know I was expecting until today. She has predicted correctly both of the other science teachers babies, so I thought it would be cute to find out what she thought....drum roll...She says it's a GIRL!! I have been searching for a while for one of those poll things you can link to your blog but kind find one and would love to know what you would vote just for fun. So if you like, you can leave a comment with what you think...and leaving a comment with one boy and one girl is not gonna fly!!! There is ONLY ONE baby in there!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Bunch of Nothing Post

This post is about a bunch of nothing, but I just felt like posting. This week flew by just like the week before since soccer has started. We have been so very busy and had out first high school game this past Thursday. It was actually a scrimmage against South Paulding High School. The girls did well. We used the scrimmage to get a taste of who we have and where we have them as far as positions are concerned. We scored the first goal and it was definitely one of the most beautiful goals I have seen and I don't think we could have started the season off better. My defensive midfielder took the ball down the left side of the field and crossed it to my right outside mid who scored off a header! We saw the things we needed to fix and I was satisfied with that being that it was just a scrimmage. South Paulding has stepped it up since the last time we saw them 2 years ago. Other than that we had a relaxing Friday off. Monday I am headed for my 13 1/2 week appointment with Dr. Galloway. I need to let him know about my rib ailment. Back when I first got pregnant I helped Jonathan carry our ottomon up to the bonus room in addition to having been coughing up a storm. Well about a week later I noticed a pain in my ribcage area and sure enough I had a rib out. Well I have been sneezing up a storm this past week and I am feeling it again. My fear is that once this baby grows that rib is going to have a tough time staying in place and the last thing I want to do is waste maternity leave on a silly rib! I will say it is a strange feeling and not one I expected to deal with until the end of my pregnancy and at that I thought our baby would just mistake my rib case for a soccer ball :) Other than that there is not to terribly much going on. I do have a post coming shortly remembering a precious student of mine.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our First Purchase

We were looking around the other day and came across a gender neutral stroller that we thought was cute at Babies R Us and said "oh we will probably register for that one." But in the back of my mind I remembered I had seen another one I really liked at WalMart. So I just happened to get online at Babies R US and saw they had the same stroller and it was on clearance from 260.00 to 167.00. Jonathan said go ahead and order it since we could use it either way and it was such a good deal. So I went to order it and low and behold it is out of stock because Graco is no longer making this travel system "pattern." So I did some checking around and found it for even less than what Babies R Us had it on clearance for. I know it's early, but I just loved it and so did Jonathan (so that means he won't mind pushing it :) We think it's super cute!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

His Love Is So Deep

The rhythm your heart makes is such a blessing to my ears. Fast and steady, nothing less of a reminder of the awesome and merciful God we serve. Unworthy of furthering His kingdom, yet He promised and blessed us with your precious life. To take care of, for this short time we are here on this home away from home.

Father, I don't have the words to thank you for this life you perfectly form inside of me. What a sweet journey you have us on and we praise you for allowing us to witness such a beautiful miracle. May Jonathan and I honor you as we take this path you have before us and may your kingdom receive ALL the glory!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It seems so fast

So I have made it to the 12 week mark in my pregnancy. So far this pregnancy could not be more of a blessing and seems to be flying by.
At 12 weeks:
  • no nausea
  • tender body parts (really not that noticeable)
  • indigestion (hopefully a head of hair)
  • ready for bed by 10 pm (sometimes earlier)
  • my skin has been really clear
  • we have heard the heartbeat
  • we have seen the precious little baby via ultrasound
  • definitely have the "bump" going on
  • have the names picked out (1 boy name and 1 girl name)
  • purchased our travel system (post to follow)
  • am SO ready to get the nursery cleaned out (only 4 weeks until we find out boy or girl)