Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Tour of My Nursery

From Emersyn Kate Underwood as your tour guide...

First I want you to know that my mommy updated/edited the blog titled "The Nursery a Work in Progress" so check it out...

She quickly pulled out all the girl things she had set aside in her "hope closet" for me when I finally cooperated with her and revealed my femininity.

Here is my dresser and some cute things mom had set aside for me already! I love it! We just have to talk daddy into the antique white crib that mommy LOVES. He doesn't think black and white furniture will look to great...but mommy does.

Here is view of some of the things on top of my dresser. If you look close enough you can see me in the frame behind the booties when I was 9 1/2 weeks old, mommy has a newer picture she has to put in there. I think I look much prettier in the newer picture, or at least mommy thinks so. The beautiful white and green burp cloth is a gift from our dearest family friends and god sisters Chloe and Gray.
Mommy made these frames even before God blessed her with me. The piggy bank is a gift from my Nana (my daddy's mom). The lamp stand behind the frames mommy bought on sale at pottery barn outlet even before I was in her tummy...she must have really had a hunch I'd be a girl. She has a beautiful cream ruffle shade on the way!
These are some of my mommy's favorites, courtesy mostly of Nana. I will probably always have one in my hair or on a headband. The dress form is yet another thing mommy bought before my time that she had in mind to use one day when her little girl came along.
This will probably get covered with some of the material my mom is using for the crib, but for now she just changed the background behind the pictures with some scrap book paper she had that matches my room. The beautiful light switch cover she got at hobby lobby, I think before or right around the time God blessed her with me.

Back to Baby's First

So Jonathan and I went back to Baby's first this Saturday to see if our little pumpkin would cooperate. Boy has this baby grown. I had noticed to over the week that my belly had a growth spurt and you could even tell on the ultrasound. The baby was in a different position than I expected. Head was up near my belly button and feet are positioned downward. The lady had no where as much trouble getting the baby into a position where we could tell the gender and she stopped the ultrasound a couple times to show us....IT'S A GIRL. I think when we went last time it was still just a bit early and we had such a hard time getting that baby to flip over. I kinda had a gut feeling all along even before we got pregnant that our first would be a little girl, so when she told us she "thought" it might be a boy last time, I was shocked and thought wow God you do have a sense of humor. I had gone the next day to pick out a few "boy" things since Marshall's had some REALLY cute things on sale and I had the strangest feeling like it just felt so odd to pick out boy things. Then yesterday when she told us I had such a peace in my heart. When I sat down for my morning devotion Saturday morning I chose Psalm 20 to focus on and it was all about God answering the requests we submit. With a child come many requests and thus far our God has not failed us and we know he never will. We are over joyed and elated to know we have little Emersyn Kate on the way!!! She will be the light of her daddy's eyes and I think her mom might LOVE playing dress up with her, besides she already has a TON of hair bows (courtesy her Nana, Jonathan's mom) for all that hair that is giving her mommy some terrible indigestion!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Work In Progress...The Nursery

Finally chose some of the furniture for the nursery this weekend. We found some beautiful Thomasville antique furniture (a dresser and a book shelf). Jonathan liked it too and gave me the go ahead to get the dresser. I have plans to purchase some light pink knobs with white stripes on them for the drawer pulls from pottery barn kids when he finally consents...he thinks it might look cheesy. I think it will be SOOOO cute on the black and really pop!

Other plans for the nursery include:

1. Found a crib I love...from pottery barn kids that I have had picked out for months, even before we got pregnant, but Jonathan does not think it will go with the black chest and armoire we have in the room. This crib converts into a toddler bed and full size bed.

2. Molding around the wall that I am not sure what it is called, but it's not wainscoting. It will be so beautiful and open up the room.

3. Crib bedding I have also had picked out for some time. It is all in fabric that I bought from Hobby Lobby. I have had the curtains made since last spring. I'll probably be sewing the bed skirt myself as well as the bumper. My MIL is perfecting one at her house right now so we will see how that turns out...looks pretty cute so far, then we will tackle this one once the crib is here.

The drawers are almost put together!
He is such a good daddy!
Yep that's his foot. He had to contort himself to get some screws in place!

So fun to see it somewhat come together. (Keep in mind that pretty blue sign DID turn to pink, and yes I do have a pink w/ white polka dot piggy bank that DID replace that one since it's a girl) My gut instinct was right...I'll know to trust it better in the future.
I plan to do a collage of pictures of the baby around the sign and of course put a lamp and some other cute things on the dresser top.
Any suggestions as to how to organize things in the drawers? I want it super organized so it's easy to give Jonathan directions to get things for me ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

16 Weeks

It had been a long day and I was done with my hair in my face, so that is why it's pulled back and I look sloppy. But this one is for you sister. I'll try and keep updating. I once swore before I was pregnant I would update weekly and all the time and often wondered why others didn't. I just thought that it was so neat to watch someone's belly grow, but when it's you and you feel like you look borderline pregnant and borderline fat, you think twice before you go posting pictures! But it is worth it! People are finally starting to say things ("oh your expecting") so I am feeling a little more comfortable with my new look.

This happens to be one of my favorite shirts. I got it from motherhood and they still have it. So for my pregnant friends, it might just be on sale now!

Does the pee test work??

Since we did not get to find out for 100% if we have a boy or girl in the oven, we thought we would try the IntelleGender test. Yes it is a pee test that turns a certain color based on a chemical reaction that indicates the gender you are carrying. I have heard from most people that took it that it was accurate...but who knows for sure. But here are our results...

Our Sweet Baby E...maybe Elijah?

Most of you know that we went this past weekend to have an ultrasound at Baby's First Images to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. But we only go a couple glimpses and a verdict that was not 100%...but that it is likely a boy. But if you talk around you will soon learn all sorts of fun stories about people being told the sex of their baby was one, then to find out from a later ultrasound or at birth it was another. That being said I am leaning more towards a boy, even though in the very beginning I was completely sold that it was a girl. Either way we are beyond overjoyed that we have a little one on the way and we are elated with what ever God chose to bless us with. Here are some pics from the weekend.

Me and Jonathan (I think we were both a bit anxious but excited).
Lauren, Mom, Ginny and Gray, Christine and Reagan
Afterwords, a little disappointed we didn't find out for sure. Jonathan, Christine, Me, Mom, Shannon, and Elizabeth and Reagan.
Our sweet baby. You can see in this picture baby is face down. Perfectly shaped head and sweet little back.
Somebody did a summersault during the ultrasound, now baby is face up. You can also see an arm and little toes down in the right hand corner.
Head and body shot.
Just head with its arm up near it's face and if you look at the very top you will see what looks like 4 little dots, those are sweet fingers, wonder if our little angel will be a thumb sucker???

Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby is moving!

So the week before our ultrasound on Saturday I started feeling these sweet little taps (just like Im feeling as I type this) in my lower abdomen. I was feeling them kind of off to the side just a small bit, and they are somewhat random, but definitely distinguishable. So we went to the appointment on Saturday to find out the gender, the lady was spending most of the time on the side where I was feeling what I thought to be movement where the legs and feet were. So I am pretty sure that I am feeling this little baby moving around. I can't wait till it gets more noticeable and frequent. Until then, I will just enjoy my 16th week and be grateful we have a precious little one on the way!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's A BOY...

We think! We had a gender determination ultrasound yesterday at Baby's First Images. I really had not put much thought at all into whether or not this baby was going to cooperate and as we walked into the room expected this baby would be proud enough either way to show its momma and daddy "the parts". Well it turns out our little booger was either shy or stubborn. Im going with stubborn since it does run on both sides of the family;) That sweet little foot sat right in the way the entire time. The lady pushed, poked, prodded, turned me on my sides and still all that baby wanted to show us was a side view of a leg and a foot. Guess right now "he's" more proud of those appendages than the other. However, we got some nanosecond glances of what we suspect and the ultrasound tech suspects are "boy parts." I asked her to let me guess once we got a good glimpse (which we never did) and she asked me what I thought from what we were seeing and I told her I thought it was a boy. She agreed. So we are steering towards boy currently. We will get to go back in 2 weeks for free and hopefully they can confirm it. Even though it was disappointing to walk out not knowing 100% either way it was such a miracle to see that precious angel. We got the DVD of the whole session (for free the lady forgot to ring it up and she said don't worry about it). I did everything "right", I drank my doctors recommended amount of water, I even drank some tea before hand to get baby moving...but God evidently wanted a laugh yesterday! We don't mind giving Him a laugh since He chose to bless us with this unbelievable miracle. The baby looked beautiful and was moving up a storm for us, just not his little foot.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Votes are In!

So the science teacher in me just had to incorporate the fact that we are going to be finding out the gender of our sweet baby on Saturday to my biology class. So their ticket out the door today was to tell if they thought that the baby has two X chromosomes (a girl) or an X and a Y (a boy). So they had to know which was for a boy and which was for a girl to cast their vote. I thought at least you would see the votes swayed in one direction or another, but oh no! Smack down the middle. Half said girl, half said boy. Guess we will find out soon ;)