Friday, March 27, 2009


I have to take a moment to brag on my girls (my soccer team)! We officially secured the region championship Wednesday in our final region game against Creekside. We beat out our main competitin East Coweta on Monday 2-1 and then realed in the championship by beating Creekside 10-0. Our record thus far is 10 and 0. We have scored 79 goals and only 1 has been scored on us. By far this is the best team I have had the opportunity to coach. If you get a chance to see the sentinal from today we had a team pic in the sports section I believe (I have not seen it yet). This means that we will be hosting the first 2 rounds of state at Chapel Hill (Come on out and support us if you want...the more fans the better). I will update on the actual dates and times when it draws near. I am hoping to make it to the final 4 this year, which will be a new record for the girls soccer program at Chapel Hill. This far God has kept my girls healthy and I continue to pray he does so...since we all know he doesn't choose sides :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dress and matching headband

Somethings in the water!

And no I am not pregnant. But I have counted up the people who I have at least some contact with weather through blogging, they are family or friends and I know 11 people at some stage in a pregnancy. I don't think I have ever know this many people pregnant...but I guess this is a sign of aging. So since I know so many people pregnant right now my creativy bug has come out and I have made a gorgous dress (I promise Im not trying to brag, but when you see it you will want one too!) with the help of my mother-in-law. I took a picture but Im writing this post at her house as we make the matching headband and don't have my cord to download the picture...but probably by the time this is read I will have it uploaded. Anyway, I picked the coordinating fabric for the dress at the local JoAnn's fabric store. I baught the pattern for the dress in a kit from etsy. It was very inexpensive and it came with a yard of fabric and ribbon. I have not made that dress yet but I have decided to keep the fabric from the kit for myself...maybe some day soon I will have a little girl to put it on :) The dress I made is for a girl in the science dept. at school who is havin a little miracle girl and is due april 25th. She had a car accident and broke her spine in 4 places at 4 weeks pregnant. She was in a back brace until Novermber (before her belly started growing to much). We are throwing her a shower on Thursday.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Madness

I am so thankful for each day I have on this Earth, but could March please hurry up and be over with? Anyone feel the same? I just wonder how our spring schedule will work when we have a little one. Anyway since I have not posted in a while I thought I would update....Ive been very busy. There you go...that is how we've been. No seriously, soccer is every day but my team is doing incredibly awesome. We are 7-0...Undefeated. We have scored 50 goals and we have not been scored on I am very proud of my girls. The next two weeks are going to be INSANE. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we have games which 2 of are away. All 3 games will not be played until 7:00 at the earliest which means on the away games I will not be home till close to 11. Tuesday night I have 8th grade registration to register the upcoming 8th graders for their classes next year. The week after next is not much less busier....we again have 3 games, one of which is away, but the other two are home...thank goodness (that always make things easier). Really the light at the end of my tunnel is this weekend because it is the last Saturday I will be teaching GHSGT review sessions...did I mention that I had been teaching graduation test review sessions for 4 saturdays? Yep, I have I really hope the kids benefit...I think they will. On top of all the above I have also met personally with 20 sets of my advisement students parents to sign them up for their classes next year. I know a couple of you can relate since you are in or have spouses who are in the teaching profession...I will say I am so very thankful that I do have a job and most of the above I take on the soccer, 8th grade registration, and the GHSGT prep sessions. This doesn't include how busy my poor husband has been too. He has been working so incredibly hard to help open up one of our churches branches near West Ga. This weekend was a preview service and it is officially open to the public next weekend.

On top of all of this I have been helping my sister plan her wedding! It has been a lot of fun. We went yesterday to pick out bridesmaids dresses and we had actually had a specific dress in mind. We tried on the dress and it was the most unflattering dress. Christine was dissappointed because it was a dress she had envisioned. However, we did find another dress that was suitable and now we are just price shopping the dress. We found the dress at Bride Beautiful off Roswell Road and they had it discounted from $235 to $188. We sorta felt that $188 was still pretty steep. So I went to Bride Atlanta here in D'ville today and they were selling the dress for $235. My next try is New Natalies. If anyone has a good idea of where to check for the dress at a cheaper price I would love to know. I got mine when I got married from an online store (no longer in business) and I had read that it was dangerous to order from these stores, but if you know of a reputable online place to order from, let me know. Also since I am on the topic of weddings....Jonathan and I were married 3 1/2 years ago, and we just got our wedding pictures on Friday! So we looked at them on the computer on Friday and they were pretty good. I will post some soon when I get them uploaded. The reason we got them so late is a little complicated, but I am thankful.