Thursday, January 29, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy, and I think I'll Scream

First, I'll address the screaming issue...I just typed a huge post and lost it trying to link something to the post. Lesson learned...I'll be asking for my husbands help next time. Ok so I'll try to get this one as close to the other. The past two weeks have been soccer filled. I held mandatory conditioning and then had try-outs. Coach Watts (my assistant coach and only the coolest PE teacher in the world. Ok I'll give you the back story really quick...When I was in kindergarten and first grade at Mnt. Carmel Elementary School I had this awesome PE teacher that mom still remembers I would come home and talk about daily. I even still remember talking about Coach Watts. Well over the years we moved and I went to Chapel Hill. I had a childhood friend whos mom worked with good ol Coach Watts and she grew up knowing his girls and eventually I would go to high school with 2 of them. Now years later in my first year as the new head coach for CHHS I was on the hunt for an assistant. Low and behold Coach Watts had also put in for the job too. So I decided that I would speak with him and see if he was interested. He agreed and its been great. We make a great team and I love telling the story about how things have come full circle. He keeps me grounded and is a great mediator between me and the girls. He has been coaching for years and has the experience I lack. Coach Watts is married and has 4 girls...his youngest is in 8th grade this year and coming up to the high school next year...I told him today that she was my "Coach Watts Insurace" and that I was hoping to still have him around for several more years). Ok anyway I was off track there, I ordered the varsity team new uniforms this year and they are so sharp. All week I have looked at my camera sitting on the coach and thought "I should take a picture and post it" and that is yet to have occured. I will get one up soon. Everyone loves them. These are probably some of the nicest uniforms some of these girls will ever wear.

We have a super packed weekend starting with Saturday afternoon. I am throwing a jewelry party (you are all still invited). Then Jonathan has an Edenfield event at West Ridge Church in Paulding Co. Saturday night. Sunday we have church, then we are celebrating my sister-in-law Shannon's birthday during lunch, and off to Jonathan's boss's for the Super Bowl. Edenfield has several events coming up...the one I am soooo excited about is that they are opening for Shane and Shane for FBC's DNOW. I know that we are supposed to be heading to Lagrange soon too (Katie and Mary Beth)! I think there might be a date change from the original plans or at least I hope so, because Jonathan actually has to work on the original date they planned. But I will make sure I let you guys know (Katie Im sure Chad will tell you) when we are coming. It is these winter/spring months that one always prepare me for the summer...because it can't get here soon enough and two I never know how we stay sane with such busy schedules. I remember thinking last year with as busy as we were at that time that there was no way a little one could fit into this schedule. Im sure when one comes a long something will have to go. I also wonder how we keep together, but we somehow manage. My prayer for the next few months is that each day is taken one at a time and praise is given for the simple fact we both have jobs and joy is found in the little things we do. I have a mission field with the girls on the soccer team and I want my time with them to glorify His kingdom.

On top of all the crazyness I am coming down with a little something....not sure what yet, got lots of mucus (yuck) stuck in the sinuses and chest, throat is raw and voice is horse. My precious and caring husband put me to be last night with a benedryl (more so to help me sleep) and proped me on two pillows so that I would sleep well. It actually helped. Im hoping this is as worse as it gets...I don't actually feel under the weather, just a little tired.

I will take some pictures this weekend of the jewelry party, the Edenfield show, and Shannon's B-day.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Your Invited

To all of my faithful followers...

Love is in the air...
Create some jewlery you can share!

We'll have food, friends, and fun,
So bring yourself and bring someone!

With Valentines right around the
corner beading some custom jewlery
for your loved ones is the perfect gift!

Date: January 31, 2009
Time: 2:00
Place: Anne Marie's

*Please comment if you need an address,
but you won't be able to map quest us...
its impossible. I will email you and personally
explain how to get to my house.

I recently went to a friends bead party and it was so much fun. You can purchase from the catalog, but it is much more fun to make the jewlery yourself. I made 2 bracelets as Christmas gifts. I gave one to my mom and one to my sister-in-law Lauren. They were affordable to make and they loved them! All the beads are semi precious (No plastic cheap beads). You can make earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. If you would are able to join us, just let me know. There is absolutely NO pressure to buy, just good fun and fellowship with friends. And please feel free to bring as many of your friends as you would like!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wonderful Week

Well, this week was my first week back to school. It was really better than I anticipated (it usually always is). My kids seem like they are going to be pretty good (if you are a teacher you know it really takes a couple of weeks to make a good judgement on the personality of your classes). My first block consists of mostly juniors and seniors and I think I am going to love teaching them (they tend to be a little more mature). That class is a forensics class and we have already solved 2 crimes, "The Deadly Picnic" and "Who Killed Professor Kline". Both of my other classes are Honors Biology and they are full of freshman angels...the verdict is still out on the latter. It is amazing just how different upper and lower classman are from eachother. Soccer has gotten off to a great start. Of the girls that showed up on Wednesday for voluntary conditioning they seem to be in pretty good shape. I made them run an old Dallas Cowboy's conditioning test and I was impressed. We also got our uniforms in....the first set I have ever ordered. I you have ever played for a male coach you know they do not take the fact that a girls body is not shaped like a boys into consideration. So for years I had the pleasure of enduring LONG boy shorts and giagantic jersies when I played soccer. So I vowed I would purchase some nice uniforms made just for women for my girls. They are the nike mystic team jersies and shorts and boy do they look sharp (if you can say that about a girls uniform). I will take some pics so you can see. Im just taking a little ownership since this was a first for me. We were very blessed to have a parent donate some $ so that this was made possible and we are thankful for that. Anyway, to sum it all up it was a great first week back.