Monday, May 24, 2010


Our sweet girls first photo session in mommy's belly! Yesterday we went over to Clinton farms for our photo shoot and it was fabulous! I don't want to say much more because I think the pictures say it all!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maternity Pics

Jonathan and I had out maternity pictures tonight with a photographer who happens to be a friend of ours from church! Let me just say it was a fabulous experience. I hope the pictures turn out as fabulous as our experience! One of my reservations was that I hope I don't look like a beached whale. And those who have been pregnant before can probably in some way relate to the feeling of at least feeling a little bigger than you do when your not pregnant. So that being said I was a bit worried about that and did not want to wait to much longer since every one is saying I look full term now :) Anyway, Emily our photographer did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and almost every time she got a shot she would say "oh my gosh that was SO cute" etc. She was also very complimentary of me, which helped take the edge off of feeling uncomfortable with this HUGE belly! She had AWESOME and creative ideas and brought the cutest letters for her initials that you will see in some of the pictures. She was SO awesome she said she would probably have them edited tonight and have ready on CD for Jonathan in the morning!!!! YAY! Check out our facebook (Jonathan's) for a sneak peak because she said she might have some up tonight!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To much? Too little?

I am doing to much and she is to little! So since last Thursday I have been having what I suspect to be braxton Hicks contractions much more frequently than I was. That being said Jonathan insisted I call the doctor because I am having them when I go from sitting to standing, standing to sitting, walking up and down stairs, rolling over in bed to my surprise Dr Galloway wants to see me in the morning for a non stress test and a fetal fibronectin test and an ultrasound. I'm positive everything is ok, but I have a hunch I am doing way way to much! I think he is also going to do another ultrasound! So I'm hoping ill get another sweet picture of her profile! We do hope you will lift us up in your prayers that all is ok! I have a peace about it, but of course I want everything to be ok! Other than that our sweet girl have been moving up a storm the past couple of days! She is already a mover and a shaker! But even though she kept me up for 2 hours last night I love every minute of it! I'm so ready to see her sweet face and kiss her whenever I want! We have just 3 more months to go and I have a feeling it might fly by because that's just how summers go as a teacher!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Her Letters Came!!!!

They finally arrived after what seemed an eternity...Emersyn's letters came today and I just can't stand just how precious they are. I had them custom made for a VERY affordable price compared to what is out there from a seller on Etsy (I'm addicted, that's a whole other story). Anyway they came today and as soon as I got home I just had to hang them. I decided they needed some ribbon (which I could have had them come with for free but thought I wanted to do something different, so elected not to have the ribbon). So I tied some make shift ribbon on each one, which will probably change when I buy some I actually like ( I Love the light pink, but the dark pink probably won't match when the bedding gets here) Anyway, I have some pictures below which to me make it look a little bare...but in real life the wall does not look so empty even though there is a crib and wood letters on it. Oh also the little frames on each side I got from hobby lobby and love them too. That being said I need some opinions...

1. Should I just leave it as is (alternating light pink and green and a different type of dark pink ribbon on the letters)

2. Take the two frames from hobby lobby down (give them a new place in the room) and buy some molding and have jonathan make a "frame around the letters and paint a light pink background inside the "frame"? I'm not sure if that makes sense but it would be like the letters are in a large antique white frame and the background in the frame would be a pink color to contrast with the green wall outside the frame and the antique white letters.

Anyway I feel like it is slowly coming together. Just waiting on the bedding!!!!

PS I am looking for a traditional rounded back rocker with spindle back that I can paint antique white and put matching cushions in. If anyone has an old rocker like this they want to give away or sell for cheap just let me know. I want something to sit in her room to nurse her, but not something big and bulky. My parents neighborhood is having a neighborhood yard sale this weekend and Im going to start my hunt there. At first I was not going to get a rocker for her room, but I really love the room and want to enjoy it while I nurse her, not just walk in there to change her clothes!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Interesting Comments

So I'm curious what it is about pregnant women that make people say just about anything. Do let me preface this with I do have a bit of a thick skin and pretty much all the comments have not really bothered me. But in the past couple of days I have had A LOT of people say things like "now when are you due? Oh, I didn't know you had that much longer." "Are you sure there aren't two in there." "Your probably going to have a big baby." And yes, my mother's infamous line "how much bigger can you get?" Yes sweet Emersyn is growing and I am so happy for that. As long as she is healthy they can tell me I look like a cow, but I measured right on track at my last appointment. 24 cm at 24 weeks, so I'm not to worried. I have put on more weight than I wanted to at this point, plus she just seems to be growing straight out, in addition to the fact that I have an EXTREMELY short torso. So anyway, I was just curious what makes or invokes people to say these things, because you never know when it's someone's bad day, or they are just over it, especially when they are pregnant. I certainly hope I will be cautious with my words around others and sensitive to how they may take a comment even if they are not pregnant... maybe that is the real lesson here.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kingsland Georgia

It's frankly in the middle of NOWHERE! But I found it somehow... My girls soccer team is playing in the second round of state against Camden High School tonight at 5:00. We traveled down last night after I got the approval from Dr. Gallow to travel 6 hours. We definitely had to make it a 2 day trip becauase there was no way I could ride in a car for 12 hours in one day. So we are relaxing until it is time to go to the fields! Anyway I was suffering from some edema (swelling) and had a regular appointment scheduled with Dr. Galloway yesterday and he said everything looked great except that I got a little hungary and I'll be honest I was never sick in the beginning, but was not all that overly hungrey. Somewhere between 5 and 6 months my appetite just EXPLODED!!!! I'll be walking a lot more, and eating a lot more fruit the rest of this pregnancy as well as cutting out ALL sweets. I know it's a little extreme, but my health is so important and if I had just done that from the beginning I would not have put on the extra pounds. Anyway enough about my weight, back to the swelling. Since I am up on my feet at school a lot I noticed some pretty extreme swelling starting Friday which really concerned me about traveling so far. So I started drinking LOTS of water and keeping my feet up. Then I saw Dr. Galloway and he suggested I get a pair of the old granny socks and I thought "great, just what I need" but I got a pair and let me tell you how great my feet look. They just about COMPLETELY took the swellilng away. I could see my ankles again! I only have about 3 1/2 months left and I just can't wait for her to get here!