Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beach Fun!

Emersyn had her first trip to the Beach this week and we LOVED it!!!!

And this is what she learned to do while we were there!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

9 Months

Emersyn is officially 9 months and we had her 9 month well visit the other day. Emersyn is such a delight and so much fun! We are constantly laughing when she is around!
Here are her 9 month stats:

  • 19 lbs (50-75%)

  • 27.75 in. (50-75%
Here are some of the fun things she is doing:

  • Crawling everywhere.

  • Pulling up and standing alone.

  • Taking a step every once in a blue moon.

  • Babbling all the time.

  • Can point to daddy and mommy if asked.

  • Will roll the ball back and forth to you.

  • Finally started sleeping through the night with occasional nights that she still wakes once.

  • Makes a silly face,we have no clue where it came from but it's hilarious!

  • Will point to your nose when you ask her to.

  • Smiles and laughs all the time.

  • Still LOVES books.

  • Loves taking a bath.

  • Doesn't know a stranger.

  • Wakes up in the am in the best mood!

  • Takes 2 naps, one for about 2 hours and the other for about an hour.

  • Loves her daddy!

  • Has 4 teeth, two top front and bottom front.

  • Eats mostly table food veggies and fruit.

This is what I come into her room to in the mornings! Such a happy girl!

On our way to visit her aunt Christine!

Getting ready to go to bed. Love her ducky jammies!