Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today's Doctor Visit

Today I had another 2 week appointment and got to see Dr. Brummit, one of the other doctors in Dr. Galloway's practice. I really liked her and she seemed super duper sweet. Dr. Galloway was out of town and I did not want to throw my appt. off track so I agreed to see one of the other doctors. Anyway her first question was have I been going to the bathroom more frequently and had I noticed anything different. Of course I have to pee alot, I'm 33 weeks pregnant on Thursday. Now is it different from any other time or painful, no. But she proceeded to tell me that they had noticed some suspicious "stuff" in my urine sample and would be sending it off to get a culture. I did tell her I had noticed some mild cramping down low especially when I was having a braxton hicks contraction... then came the slew of questions that sent me in to panic mode considering some other things that are going on in our life currently. Nothing like a good excuse for satan to send worries into your mind when God has everything in perfect control. So she asked "are you bleeding", my response "no". "Are you having pain that does not go away", my response "no", and "is the baby moving", and my response "yes". Then she said, "well you know to call us if you don't feel the baby moving." I am going to chalk all these questions up to routine. But you know I often wonder why when you tell them about certain symptoms, they don't elaborate on what could be causing them. Not once did she explain, well the mild cramping is due to the braxton hicks and all completely normal, or that they could be round ligament pain or the uterus growing. I mean come on, I'm a first time mom and walked out of there today more nervous than I ever have. I did make sure before I left that the urine culture was being done only to indicate a UTI, and nothing more serious than that. I'm not angry at her at all, I really did like her. And I know I have to just make my mind up that all is just fine, it's just a little nerve wracking when you get a slew of questions like that and no explanation to follow as to why they are being asked or why you are experiencing a certain symptom. Of course my instinct is to call back to have my fears calmed, but then I fear that they will just think Im a nutty first time mom. But aside from all that she did check the baby's heartbeat and comment it was strong and that Emersyn was LOW, meaning lower than she would expect at this point meaning she has dropped down a little. This did not surprise me at all since my profile confirms this. I noticed on Saturday that my belly looked quite a bit lower and she confirmed it and that she is still head down. Im sure things can stay this way for weeks past full term, but I still have an inkling she will come a little early...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

She'll be here soon

Boy is the anticipation growing. With less than 8 weeks until I hit 40 weeks (and yes Im hoping she comes a little early, and no I won't listen to you tell me how first babies usually come late) we pretty much have everything ready. Now it is ready get set and wait time...but I am determined to enjoy the next 7 1/2 weeks, because I know when she gets here it will be a different world. So Im choosing to relax and get some things done that I want to do. This past week I had an amazing prenatal massage. It was the best and I am totally hooked. The girl that did my massage was so super sweet. Mind you I had never in my life had a massage so this was a completely new experience. She even showed me a new comfortable way to sleep since my hips feel like they are going to fall off and can't support "Emersyn's" weight. Other than that we are just relaxing and staying off the feet. My swelling has gone down tremendously since I have been taking it easy.

A couple of note worthy things at 32 1/2 weeks:
  • She is moving All the time. I get so stinking tickled at her and the way she moves. She almost always moves in response to me or her daddy poking at her.
  • Swelling and braxton hicks come and go with my activity and hydration level. However, I am still having LOTS of braxton hicks and they have started to creat a little more pressure than they have in the past (maybe a sign she may make her debut a tad early).
  • I have sever discomfort most nights from my hips. Also the top portion of my abdomen feels so irritated, like I have a horrible sunburn...I think I'll look most forward to that disappearing.
  • I am doing water aerobics and swimming and I never thought that would feel so great in all my life...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So much to catch up on

This post is a little backward and has no particular order. These pictures are also in no particular order other than the pictures from this weekends shower and the weekend before.
June 19th Shower thrown by my sweet family!

Super cute burp cloth and matching bib from my cousin.

Super cute pottery barn diaper bag that I have carried twice....

Another super gorgeous pottery barn diaper bag for the fall months from our god daughters.

Lauren (who made it after taking the GACE!! I know she passed) and Shannon my brothers wife.

Only the YUMMIEST cake in the whole world. A specialy publix cake with a raspberry filling and a cream cheese icing...it will probably be Emersyn's first birthday cake, but of course decorated for a first birthday!

It also happened to be my birthday on Saturday and so they surprised me with a birthday cake too.

Me and my mom!

She won one the game and I got some super cute sippy cups.

Me listening to the questions Jonathan answered for the game we played. I answered how I thought he answered and I got most of them wrong and SURPRISINGLY he got a lot of the things he answered pretty close to right...he's pretty good! Other than the fact that when asked how many diapers he would change...he said zero...

My cousin who came up with the cutest game we played...

Mrs. Garbade and Mrs. Parmer getting a kick out of some of Jonathan's answers!

One of my best friends from high school and her sweet girl Elise. Elise was not to sure about all the people when she woke up from the nap.

All the pretty presents.

Me, Shannon, Chloe and Gray Miller, Christine and my sister in law Shannon.

The beautiful hosteses!

My sweet cousin Reagan. This is my cousin Elizabeth's 7 month old daughter. She is so stinkin cute and we hope she and Emersyn will love each other like Elizabeth and I do.

These pictures are from my family shower thrown on June 12th!

Family at the family shower that my Ginny and Lauren threw.

Lis had the idea to put a bonnet on me...it fell off...phew!

More family...my cousin Julie who is in the brown holding my cousin Reagan is pregnant with TRIPLETS...prais the Lord! We could not be happier for her!

Reagan helping me open my humidifier.

More family.

The table set up for the shower and it was so pretty...the picture does not do it justice.

So I have been showered so much I am drenched and could not feel more blessed. At this point I think we are pretty much set for our little girls arrival. I have not done a ton of blogging, one because I have been insanely busy and two because our computer resides in our bonus room above our garage and it is INSANELY hot in that room! So while at my mother in laws I am steeling some pictures she took from my past two showers!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

31 Weeks

I'll be 31 weeks on Thursday. We had a doctors appt today. Everything looked great and I asked Dr. Galloway to give me an estimate of how much he thought she weighed and where she was positioned. He said she was probably some where around 3 pounds, but to of course expect her to gain the majority of her weight towards the end. And drum roll please...she is HEAD DOWN! So I have vowed to stop poking at her in hopes that she will stay that way until she gets here :) Well running out the door..Ill finish when we get home...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

28 1/2 Weeks

Today kinda started my 2 week OB appts. I say kinda because I really went two weeks ago so they could make sure I was not having pre term labor with all the braxton hicks contractions. All was good, they just wanted to make sure. So I went today for the infamous glucose test. Let me just say the drink was cold and somewhat tasty! I would not hunt a glucose drink down to curb my thirst, but from all the stink everyone makes about it I thought it might be the worst thing I'd ever have to drink. Anyway I downed my drink in 5 min and then they called me back. After waiting an hour the nurse said she would prick my finger to see what my level was. She said if it was over 150 then she would have to draw blood. I was at 113!!! Yay. She said I was the only one she did not have to draw blood on today and I passed. No gestational diabetes for this girl!
Other exciting things:
  • I measured 28 cm at 28 1/2 wks
  • Emersyn is kicking like an octopus on steroids
  • Feet have been swelling for at least a month and a half
  • I have been feeling Braxton Hicks since around week 20 or earlier
  • I have been feeling her move since about week 15 (boy has she gotten strong)
  • She seems to be up quite a bit during the day and less at night, but I'm sure that can change in addition to the fact that I may be sleeping through her wakefulness.
  • Boy does her daddy love her!!! He can't get enough of feeling her move around in my belly! I feel so blessed and overjoyed to see him get so excited over her.
  • Her room is just about finished, just waiting on bedding.
  • I still have awful indigestion!
  • I feel a little more uncomfortable than I had imagined I would at this point.
Other than that this pregnancy has been such a blessing and so smooth! Just praying for a smooth and healthy delivery!

Showers Galore!

I can't believe I did not do a post yet about the AWESOME shower my friends recently threw for me. Unfortunately I did not get the bulk of my pictures taken with my camera, but will post some soon. My friends April, Stephanie, and Jessica threw me such a wonderful shower a couple of weeks ago and I got some really awesome stuff! I could not be more thankful for friends who thought enough of us to do such a wonderful thing. We are soooo blessed that Emersyn will be loved by so many!!! And we could not imagine better friends to raise her around! Thank you to all of my sweet friends!

This week it is pouring... I have 3 showers. One tomorrow at school, one on Saturday with my Academy soccer team, and one on Sunday at our church! I will update all the pictures Sunday evening from all the showers thus far :)