Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a Wonderful Week

It has been such a week of recovery. We had our winter break this week and it was so relaxing. I began feeling better last Saturday (valentines day). Since then it has been great. The only sad part about my break was that my hubby had to go out of town for work. He left Tuesday and got home tonight aroun 5:30. However, I lined up some babysitters for myself while he was out of town, because I was NOT about to stay alone. My sis came into town Tuesday afternoon and stayed with me till Thursday. We had a ton of fun and didn't accomplish much (we had plans to work on her wedding plans). Then Thursday my sister-in-law Shannon came to stay with me because my brother is also out of town for the next 5 weeks (please keep them in your prayers he is doing a rotation in Columbus for the next 5 weeks and she is taking the separation pretty hard and he is as well. They just got married in November.) Friday Quentin got into town and we cooked a big yummy dinner and they stayed again Friday night. Saturday I stayed with my inlaws and then my hubby is home tonight..speaking of he is calling and Im going to spend some time with him...I will finishe the update later.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A little relief

Today I made my second trip to the doctor. I went last Tuesday and at the time he thought I had an upper respiratory viral infection...Friday came and I was in so much pain so I filled the prescription for the Z-pack he gave me. Wouldn't you know I'm lucky enough to get a resistant strain of bacteria:) I have never had such severe sinus pain my whole face including my teeth have been hurting. With a recommendation I bought a neti pot. It helped to relieve some of the pressure. So still not feeling well I headed back to the doctor today and got a stronger antibiotic, took some mucinex D, and I am feeling some what better. My teeth are still hurting. It's the strangest thing. Ok I really hope I do not have to devote any more posts to an illness.

Friday we had our first game against Tucker High School and my girls looked so good. We won 12-0! That's a masecure in soccer pretty much. They have even changed the mercy rule to if your up by 7 in the first 20 min, you only play 20 min. the second half. If your up by 7 the first 20 min of the first half, but by the time it ends if you up by 10 points, there is no second half. We were nice and since Tucker came so far, we agreed to play a full second half. Anyway, we have pretty good competition against Woodstock tomorrow night.

Thats all for now! I hope that you all stay well...I hear flu season is starting up.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Crud

So I've been pretty sick the past couple of days. Haven't called in sick a day in 4 years of teaching...until Monday. Saw the Doc today...its an upper respiratory viral infection. I don't get sick...often...maybe once in blue moon so this has really been the pits. Came down with whatever this is sometime middle of last week, but was feeling decent...then with all our glorious plans for the weekend Saturday night came with the miserables (totally not a word in the dictionary)! I couldn't breath...and my sinuses were killing me. Jonathan made me stay home and sleep Sunday so I did. Still didn't feel any better so I stayed home Monday. I just want to make a statement about all the dough these OTC drug companies are making...NONE of these things work and they are robbing our pocket books. I read the box, it says it relieves ALL these syptoms Im having and more...yeah not so much. No wonder my sister refuses to take anything unless she's "dying". I think next time Ill spare this temple of the drugs unless it is required to get rid of a bacterial infection. Sorry for the soap box, at least I have a little more energy today (went to school for 3/4 a day). Hopefully this is passing...and quickly! I'll update on the weekend when I'm feeling a little the way I thought this was funny...I called Jonathan on my way home tonight and in the nicest voice possible he asked if I would stop and pick up some lysol...he lysoled the whole house while I was in the shower...I wouldnt want him to get this know how men get when they are sick...that's all I have to say.