Friday, February 17, 2012

So Much To Say and SOOO Little Time

It should be quite obvious by now that I have very little time for blogging to say the least. I have also found I have very little time for much else in my life since I have transitioned into becoming a mother. Not to say that becoming a mother is not one of the greatest, most awesomest gifts the Lord can give us. But the past 18 months sure have been a transition to say the least. This may turn out to be quite a lengthy post but I have not updated since November.... I will list some updates and then share a little

School- School could not be better nor more challenging this year. I have some of the greatest students in the world (but they are seasoned whiners at the very least)! So many things have changed school related this year it is insane. We have a new schedule: instead of having kids for one semseter we have them all year. So I have been so blessed to have such sweet darlings, I could not imagine a year with difficult children. We also have a new grading system which is the pits and the county realized that very early, so we will have a new one next year again! We also have these tests called CDA's that we have to administer during a window, then run through an $800,000 program that we had to learn to use. Thank goodness I am done giving mine for the year. The data is helpful, but it requires extra work on our part :)

Home- Not much has changed at home. Jonthan and I are adjusting to parenthood and each day it gets easier, but it sure is a balance! Both of our jobs are going well. We definitely feel we have outgrown our home... but we all know that the market doesn't really care! We have started talking about projects we want to start. We definitely want to build a book case for our nook in the living room so we can put Emersyn's books some where other than a basket. We want to put up some trim/molding in Emersyn's room. I want to make some new roman shade curtains for my kitchen too! For some odd reason one of the sheers completely ripped, we think maybe Emersyn pulled on it...but they were the perfect look for our kitchen...oh well, ill add it to my sewing project list :)

Emersyn- She is getting sooo big. I update her baby book frequently so this will be kind of a duplicate. But she changes so much every day. Her vocabulary has exploded over the last month!! I can't even keep up with all her new words because she is saying something new all the time. She especailly is repeating us, so of course we have to be mindful of what we say. Although we don't use curse words in our everyday language, we do say things like "crap" or "darn" or "dangit". I certainly don't care for her picking up those words, but I'm sure at some point it may happen. She started potty training last week and has done SO good!!! My goal is to have her trained no later than May. She has done REALLY well with tee teeing but we have not gotten her to poop in the potty yet. I have caught the poo poo look on her face a couple time but she will either go before we can get her there or she will tense up and not go. She sleeps like a champ through the night almost every night. Every once in a while she will have a hard night when she will wake up once or twice if she is congested or has a bad dream. Her personality continues to bloom and she is quite the comical little girl. I would say that every stage we have hit has had its pros and cons and while each stage gets a little bit better and more manageable, this particular stage (18mo-2yr) has been a little challenging. She has been whiney the past couple weeks and Susan has noticed as well. We are not sure if her last two teeth that she has yet to cut are bothering her or if its just a stage. She is quite the little walking tornado and that in itself can be very frustrating. It is hard work and will continue to be hard work to teach her to pick up her messes as well as to teach her she can't just throw everything where ever she wants! It is so experience her being able to call the names of those we love! She talks frequently about her grandparents as well as our adopted family the Russells!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So Out of it

One of our cute Christmas Outfits!!

A 9 Month Picture Ami took!

So I am sure by now I have probably lost any followers who may have read my blog at one point. But I will try and biew this a maybe more of a journal for now. It has literally been one of the most crazy beginnings to a new school year in the 7 years I have been teaching. On top of how crazy school has been, I started a sewing business in May and started tutoring for a little extra $ in early Oct. So needless to say when do I ever have time to get on the computer.

Emersyn is growing so very fast. I look back to where we were a year ago and at this time I would have survived my first week back at school after having had our sweet girl. And now look where we are! She went from crying 24/7, although her Nana Susan swears she never cried... to running around laughing, playing, and talking! Her vocabulary is precious and the list is long and we are so proud of her. She is doing new things everyday! She is constantly giving us something to laugh about. I am learning about how hard it is to discipline and how easy it is to laugh at them. The other night she realized she could use her comfy chair to climb up on the couch, run across the couch to the other end and slide off the couch and then do it all over again. We don't really allow her to stand on the couch, but sometimes her defiance makes me laugh and Im seriously working at getting this under control, but seriously she is a good little girl. So while Im learning not to laugh at everything she does she is learning to behave appropriately.

Since I decided to start sewing to sell, I have learned I truly enjoy sewing for Emersyn and gift giving...NOT to sell. There is so much pressure in doing that, so I have wrapped up my last few orders and I am looking forward to making some cute things for my little one :) I will say, I am taking few orders from close friends and family, but other than that I'm just going to focus on spending time with my family...

Speaking of my biggest struggle has been to take care of my house! Jonathan has been an amazing help, but that does not take my desire away to take care of our home. I am so excited about having this next week so spend with my family and taking care of our home and going to the gym!!!

Well I think that sums most of the past couple months up and hopefully it wont be another 3 months before I can update :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello my blogger friends...

I think my blogging in the past few months has been about as non existent as my blogging the first few months of my daughters life. But I was recently told straight up by my most favorite and bestest cousin in the world that it was about time to update this thing. So much has been going on with us over the past several months and I have had very little time to do much of anything. I think there were about 5 months that I had no extracurricular activities...that didn't last long lol. Anyway our summer was great and relaxing and I absolutely LOVED spending my days with Emersyn and watching her grow and do new things. Summer break has ended and now we are in a new school year. EVERYTHING at school has changed. New students, new gradebook, new schedule, teaching a new class etc. That being said this year has started off with a bang!! We had a new high school in the co open and and therefore our school was affected. Our students are great our numbers are a lot lower than they were in years past. I have a dream sschedule. 3 honors biology classes and 3 Anatomy classes. My students are amazing!! So school is going so wonderfully. I am no longer coaching soccer so I have decided to sew. I started up my little business on facebook and etsy and it is BOOMING (praise the Lord for his goodness). It is keeping me busy with several hours of sewing a night. Ok so that pretty much catches you up to speed other than Emersyn.

Emersyn is going to be 1 next Friday the 26th! I truly cannot believe that a year has flown by this fast. And to think they will only go faster. She is such a big girl with SO much personality.

  • She has a descent little vocabulary: duck, kitty, mom or mama, papa (nana Susan's husband), ta da, there it is (this is very much so all smushed into one word, but seriously she is like a sponge), down, daddy, ball, dog.

  • She can tell you what a cow says, a duck says, and what a dog says.

  • She can point to your nose, eyes, mouth, and feet.

  • She loves to dance!!! She gets her whole body into it!!

  • She loves eating and she is such a good eater. What a blessing.

  • Still nursing at least once a day, sometimes twice. (It absolutely warms my heart while nursing when she stops and looks up at me and says "mamma")

  • Sleeps so good at night, naps are usually once a day 1.5 to 2hrs.

  • She adores her daddy, and Mrs. Susan! The only way I can coherse her to leave is by telling her we are going to see daddy.

  • Loves to climb. She is constantly climbing in and out of her little rocking chair.

  • She has such a sweet little heart and loves people.

  • Has just recently starting crying when I leave her in the church nursery, but she has some AWESOME teachers and of course her best cousin Reagan in her class.

Anyway I will definitely be updating birthday party pictures :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beach Fun!

Emersyn had her first trip to the Beach this week and we LOVED it!!!!

And this is what she learned to do while we were there!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

9 Months

Emersyn is officially 9 months and we had her 9 month well visit the other day. Emersyn is such a delight and so much fun! We are constantly laughing when she is around!
Here are her 9 month stats:

  • 19 lbs (50-75%)

  • 27.75 in. (50-75%
Here are some of the fun things she is doing:

  • Crawling everywhere.

  • Pulling up and standing alone.

  • Taking a step every once in a blue moon.

  • Babbling all the time.

  • Can point to daddy and mommy if asked.

  • Will roll the ball back and forth to you.

  • Finally started sleeping through the night with occasional nights that she still wakes once.

  • Makes a silly face,we have no clue where it came from but it's hilarious!

  • Will point to your nose when you ask her to.

  • Smiles and laughs all the time.

  • Still LOVES books.

  • Loves taking a bath.

  • Doesn't know a stranger.

  • Wakes up in the am in the best mood!

  • Takes 2 naps, one for about 2 hours and the other for about an hour.

  • Loves her daddy!

  • Has 4 teeth, two top front and bottom front.

  • Eats mostly table food veggies and fruit.

This is what I come into her room to in the mornings! Such a happy girl!

On our way to visit her aunt Christine!

Getting ready to go to bed. Love her ducky jammies!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Check it out!!!

Adorned with gorgeous hand crocheted flowers my dearest friend made!
I LOVE this one and can't wait to make one for Emersyn Kate!

Recently sold this one on eBay!

So I have decided to turn a much loved hobby into a small business! I have been sewing for about 2 years now. My mother in law showed me the basics when I decided I needed an inexpensive yet meaningful way to give gifts. Since then it has taken off. My grandmother is also an amazing seamstress and I have to give her credit too for passing on her talent! That being said, I have had so much fun sewing making things from dresses for little girls, bibs, burp cloths, onsies, pillow covers, curtains, and I hope to begin making baby bedding!

So If you or any one you know would like some beautiful hand made gifts at a good price check out my FB page "Bella Mia"

Above are some things I have made recently!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Standing Alone!

Our sweet girl has yet hit another milestone! Its so much fun watching her do all the new things she learns to do. She is all over the place and within the last week has started standing alone for a lengthy period of time. You can see it in her eyes that she knows she would like to go somewhere, but that she is still working out the details on how to do just that. She is such a blast and motherhood has truly turned out to be pure joy!