Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So my posts have been pictureless lately....BORING! Hopefully this will make up for it:

I made these items for my cousins baby shower and used them as the theme to decorate with. These all went with a rabbit we bought and they matched perfectly! More pictures to come!

A Georgia set I made for my cousin who is a Georgia Fan!

I can rest

We finally have come up over the hump concerning school. We had our GAPPS visit Monday and Tuesday and it was painless. The GAPPS visit is a county initiated observation done by other teachers, principles, etc usually from within the county. They come in and observe and basically tell us what we are doing well and where we can improve. Even though they are not exactly looking at individual teachers, it is still stressful because you want to be the best that you can. We were also asked for some documents by our own administration a little later than I would have preferred, but we were able to produce what they wanted as a department and all was good. I think I can finally breath and relax and focus on my students :)

Soccer is still keeping me busy but we recently had a two week break and that was pretty nice.

Last weekend we went up to the North Ga. Outlets and shopped with my family and celebrated my sister's birthday. It was a ton of fun and the weekend was relaxing for the most part.

Other than that last week 4 of our friends had their babies. Yes you read that correctly, 4 of our friends. Must have been a full moon. One baby born Tuesdsay, two on Wednesday, and one onThursday (2 boys and 2 girls). The last of my long list is my dear cousin Elizabeth. She is due Dec. 1st, but is already having contractions and on medication for them. However, she has recently begun having them while on the medication and next week they are going to take her off the meds. I think that baby is going to be here in the next two weeks, especially since they are taking her off the medicine. I am so excited to meet that sweet baby girl! It seems like we have waited forever!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Husband is Practicing

You have to check this's really cute. This weekend we had a family gathering at my mother-in-law's. Jonathan's cousin Brandi came and brought her 3 month old baby, Audrey.

Background: My husband DOES NOT hold babies. I have begged, prodded, pleaded, anything you can think of to get him to hold our friends babies. He would not have anything to do with it. So I resigned and actually was happy with the fact that our baby would be the very first he would hold, at least since he has met me.

Fast forward, This weekend his grandmother forcefully dropped his 3 month old cousin into his lap and well since someone might call defax if he dropped her or threw her back (which believe me I am sure crossed his mind :) he really had no choice but to grin and bear it.

So being the good sport he is, he pretended to enjoy it for about 3 seconds (long enough to get this picture:

He is going to be the most amazing dad some day!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Jonathan and I are a part of a supper club with about 7 couples that get together on a regular basis. If you don't do something like this it is a great idea for fun and fellowship. We get together monthly and each couple takes a turn hosting a month of their choice. So we have dinner, a short message, and usually end up playing some sort of silly game. They can range from a board game, a card game, or some other silly game like rate-your-mate or our newest MAFIA. The latter two will get you and your spouse into an argument faster than any other game. Friday we played the game mafia. Short explanation: Each player gets a card from a deck of cards. Joker=mafia, King=cop, Queen=doctor, and any card with just a number=townsperson. So the cards are distributed and you look at your card to see what you have not letting any other person know. So then everyone closes their eyes and the two people with the joker card who are the mafia look up and choose someone to "kill", then the cop wakes up and tries to guess who the mafia are, then they close thier eyes and the doctor wakes up and they can save them selves from death by mafia or they can save any one else. Then every one opens their eyes and every one tries to guess who the mafia are. The game is all about STRATEGY. So my husband gets lucky to be the mafia twice and guess who kills me off twice!!! Yep my dear sweet husband! So the final game I got to be the Mafia and I lasted until there was only one round left and it was either going to be me or the townspeople as the winner. I ended up loosing, but that was my first time playing. If you have ever played this game you know how silly and crazy it is. It was fun, I'm just a little competitive;) It was a lot of fun and we had a great time at supper club. Jonathan and I are hosting December and we are planning on setting up a long table in our living room and serving a "Christmas Dinner" to our friends. I'm not sure if we will play mafia or not :)

Time Just Keeps Flying

So since my last past post I have had so many pics to post and just have not sat down and taken the time. So for all my millions of readers. Lol. I will update. School has kept me busy busy busy. I'm so ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas break already. My students are super so I can't complain to terribly much. Anyway, Jonathan and I celebrated our 4 year anniversay. It was really special. I'll be dedicating a post strictly to him sometime this week. I threw a baby shower for my cousin last week and it was wonderful. I will definitely post pictures soon. And I am soooo excited to have started P90X this week. I was so sore I could barely walk for several days, but the pay off will be huge. I was digging through some old pictures and let's just say I dont quite look the same as I did say 10 years ago. So I will be working hard to get to a place I am happy with. I wan't a healthy life style with good eating habits and excercise. Let's say the eating habits have definitely improved, but it is definitly a work in progress;) I will keep you updated on how P90X goes. One of the great things about it is that I can go straight home and excersice and get just as good a work out at home as I would in the gym. So no more wasting gas or time at the gym and we will be saving $55 a month! Halleluja! Anywhere you can save a dime or 150 of them:) Other than that I have had a two week break from soccer due to weather. We had 2 games today...IT WAS FREEZING! Me and the cold weather are not best friends. I'm so ready for the summer days again.