Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello my blogger friends...

I think my blogging in the past few months has been about as non existent as my blogging the first few months of my daughters life. But I was recently told straight up by my most favorite and bestest cousin in the world that it was about time to update this thing. So much has been going on with us over the past several months and I have had very little time to do much of anything. I think there were about 5 months that I had no extracurricular activities...that didn't last long lol. Anyway our summer was great and relaxing and I absolutely LOVED spending my days with Emersyn and watching her grow and do new things. Summer break has ended and now we are in a new school year. EVERYTHING at school has changed. New students, new gradebook, new schedule, teaching a new class etc. That being said this year has started off with a bang!! We had a new high school in the co open and and therefore our school was affected. Our students are great our numbers are a lot lower than they were in years past. I have a dream sschedule. 3 honors biology classes and 3 Anatomy classes. My students are amazing!! So school is going so wonderfully. I am no longer coaching soccer so I have decided to sew. I started up my little business on facebook and etsy and it is BOOMING (praise the Lord for his goodness). It is keeping me busy with several hours of sewing a night. Ok so that pretty much catches you up to speed other than Emersyn.

Emersyn is going to be 1 next Friday the 26th! I truly cannot believe that a year has flown by this fast. And to think they will only go faster. She is such a big girl with SO much personality.

  • She has a descent little vocabulary: duck, kitty, mom or mama, papa (nana Susan's husband), ta da, there it is (this is very much so all smushed into one word, but seriously she is like a sponge), down, daddy, ball, dog.

  • She can tell you what a cow says, a duck says, and what a dog says.

  • She can point to your nose, eyes, mouth, and feet.

  • She loves to dance!!! She gets her whole body into it!!

  • She loves eating and she is such a good eater. What a blessing.

  • Still nursing at least once a day, sometimes twice. (It absolutely warms my heart while nursing when she stops and looks up at me and says "mamma")

  • Sleeps so good at night, naps are usually once a day 1.5 to 2hrs.

  • She adores her daddy, and Mrs. Susan! The only way I can coherse her to leave is by telling her we are going to see daddy.

  • Loves to climb. She is constantly climbing in and out of her little rocking chair.

  • She has such a sweet little heart and loves people.

  • Has just recently starting crying when I leave her in the church nursery, but she has some AWESOME teachers and of course her best cousin Reagan in her class.

Anyway I will definitely be updating birthday party pictures :)