Monday, November 30, 2009

The Crappy Crud

Well, I was in denial long enough. I'm finally admitting that I have caught a cold. I hate being under the weather and I don't like to consider my self a sickly person. Im giving this junk 2 more days then Im headed to the doc! My advice...stay away from sick people! That includes me currently.

PS. I got to school today and didn't want to was like you could feel yourself breathing in all the germy things the kids bring to school. I think I am going to avoid writing any more passes just so I don't have to touch their agendas for the rest of the semester...hey there are only three weeks left they can hold it!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

This week has been absolutely wonderful.

I am thankful for:

  • My salvation in Jesus Christ
  • My amazing husband (who puts up with way more than any man should)
  • My amazing family (both blood and in-law are amazing)
  • My wonderful friends (especially those who have stuck around for years)
  • Getting to spend time with friends and family this week
  • My sweet new little cousin Reagan born last Thursday
  • Me and my husbands wonderful stable jobs (or atleast they are stable for now)
  • Having the week off.
  • Being freed of almost all my responsibilities until February (Gifted Endorsement class and soccer)
  • And of course a million other things
  • And the things that God has planned for us that are still to come!

I have gotten to catch up on sleep, cleaning the house, spending quality time with Jonathan, decorating the house for Christmas, and spending time with family this week. Yesterday was pretty busy going from one family to the next so I did not get any pictures, but believe me I'm sure most everyone reading my blog was doing the same as I was....eating lots of yummy food, so I'll leave that one up to everyone's imagination ;)

My love-hate relationship with Black Friday: I love to shop and get AWESOME deals, I REALLY HATE long lines that have rude, pushy, greedy people in them.

Today I got up with my sister and mother-in law and we headed into the mall around 7am, stopped and got doughtnuts on the way in and began our day of shopping. For all you avid black friday shoppers we think we have figured out the best time to go....about 7:30ish you have missed that early morning rush but you still get the great deals. We hit up Khols first saving a total of $350.00 between the three of us. They had fleece blanket for 3.99, great inexpensive gift you can buy and then have monogrammed. We do $10.00 limit gifts with Jonathan's family, so we got awesome deals on the blankets and a metal thermos also $3.99. After Kohls we headed to target for their movie deals. They usually have great movies on black friday for $3.99, $5.99, or $8.99 but unfortunately by the time we had gotten to target there was not a great selection left....but I don't think they had as great of a selection this year as they did last year. After that we headed over to Merle Norman for some Vera Bradley....they had a great deal, where you purchase $100.oo of Vera Bradley and get a free purse. The purse is a $48.00 value and it is gorgeous, which we will be giving to a family members name that we drew for Christmas. One of Jonathan's gifts to me this Christmas is a Vera Bradley duffle bag, so we went ahead and purchased it with 2 other gifts for family and then got the free purse so that was a pretty good deal seeing I had to add a $5.00 gift to reach the $100.00 limit. Then off to the mall where there were a whole lota people. We stopped in New York and Co where they are having EVERYTHING in the store 50% off...but here is the disclaimer if you are an avid NY&Co shopper like myself you would know this is really NOT a great sale for them. They turn over their cloting in sales constantly, so for example a week ago I went in bought a shirt for $10, it was 70% off plus another 15% because I am a teacher. Today because of their 50% off on everything this same shirt originally $36.00 was only 50%. For some reason they have been doing that lately, putting things on and off of sale, but usually their clothing goes on sale pretty quickly and they are pretty reasonably price when they have their sales. I did not buy anything there today, because I know their sales will be better when it is not Black Friday. After that I needed 2 pairs of fuzzy socks from Old Navy originally $5, on sale today for $2.50!!! So I did not break the bank to bad and came home with some pretty good gifts. I'd love to hear some of the great deals you came across today...leave a post if you'd like:)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wildlife Photography

This was my attempt at wildlife photography. Jonathan and I were up getting ready for breakfast last weekend and we realized we had a little visitor right outside our bedroom window, well actually we heard him rustling in the leaves before we pulled the curtains back. I actually saw him again this morning running around our back yard. Hopefully he is not causing any damage to our home and just looking cute. He lives right behind our retaining wall. He kept popping his little head up to see what we were doing and I just had to get a picture. It's a little blurry due to operator error, but will do.

Sugar and Spice.....

And it was REALLY nice...

To all my soccer friends (and all my other friends) who read my blog I am so proud to announce my little U-9 Academy Soccer Team won the 23rd Annual Sugar and Spice Tournament. Finally after playing in this tournament myself since I was 11 years old (take some years off for college, marriage, and a real job) I got to be a part of winning a soccer tournament.

To see the smiles and excitement on 10 little girls faces and send them all home with a trophy was priceless! I hope that they remember some important things from this weekend and a major one being selflessness.

I don't want to harp to much about parents, because I know my parents were there at one point when I played soccer....but parents think they know it all. I even got a phone call from one recently concerned that our team was not playing to their potential after two lost games and how I was planning on fixing that for the tournament. The parent was very kind and the conversation turned out so much better than I had envisioned.

But that being said this is what I tried my hardest to teach the girls this week: That we should always focus on the positives, fix the negatives, work as a team, and ALWAYS give our best. I told them before one of our last games that the team that gives their bests will win this tournament and boy did they play their little hearts out. I am thankful for the impact I have on these girls, and although I might not always "do" what the parents "think" I should, I hope more than anything these girls learn about selflessness, because that is a life lesson that will take them miles down the road. I believe selflessness is the core behind the team concept.

I am so proud of how hard my team worked and hope that if not now, but some day they will reflect on the importance of working together and how that can bring the champion out in all of us.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


A miracle from conception...isn't she BEAUTIFUL. It's funny how God wakes you in the middle of the night and His spirit guides you to pray. My cousin gave birth last night to this beautiful little angel and I woke up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and could not stop praying and praising Him for this amazing little gift. She arrived safe and sound and as precious as ever. We are so thankful for his graciousness in blessing our family with this gift and for a safe delivery for my cousin Elizabeth.

Reagan Kate Bishop
7 lbs 8 oz.
19 1/2 inches long.
At 1:20am 11/19/09.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mackenzie Update

For all you prayer warriors out there Mackenzie has turned around and has been taken off the ventilator and as of this afternoon was being rocked by her mama in the NICU. We are so excited and thankful.

This is truly a miracle. Just days ago doctors were saying it would take a miracle for her to survive. Please remain in prayer for her to continue healing and for the family. Her father is going to need a job because Jamie is going to have to stay home with the baby for quite some time. It will be a while before the baby will be able to go out once she does go home.

Lord God, we praise you for the awesome God you are. We are so thankful and rejoice in the miracle you have worked in little Mackenzie. We continue to ask for her to have a safe and quick recovery and ask that you be with her parents and the doctors as she continues to heal. We pray that Jeremy will find a job to support his family while Jamie stays home with Mackenzie. We know you are doing a great work and we ask that Jeremy can see this clearly and be drawn closer to you than he could have ever imagined!

In your precious name,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Please Pray For Mackenzie

My friend Jamie's 1 1/2 month old daughter was rushed to the emergency room about 2 weeks ago and admitted to Scottish Rite for what has now been diagnosed as whooping cough. I believe there are a few other complications, but as of yesterday the doctors have not been speaking positively of the situation and are saying it will be a miracle that she makes it through. She is on life support currently.

Please join me in praying...

Dear Heavenly Father,

We know you are the Great Physician and you have precious Mackenzie in your hands. We pray that your will be done in her precious little life and that no matter what happens your name be glorified. We lift up her mama and daddy and pray that you will bring them comfort at this time and draw them ever nearer to you and your ways. We ask that if it is your will she remain in this world you would not allow her to suffer and you would heal her fully. We pray Father for a miracle, for we know you are in the business. We know that your will is supreme and we rest in knowing that you are in control and you will be glorified in this situation.

In your precious name we pray,

My Newest Craft

So I got a great idea about ornaments from my friend Katie. She bought her daughter a cute little pink tree for her room and is painting the fruits of the spirit on ornaments. I liked the idea about the fruits of the spirit on ornaments and ran with it. I will be putting these on our tree this year...and also giving them out as gifts to our guests that join us at supper club. Except at supper club I will put our friends last names and 2009 on the ornaments and probably use them as place settings. I am also making them as gifts for my teachers in the science dept. at school.

By the way they were $3.99 plus 40% off at Hobby Lobby for a box of 12. I'll be purchasing another box!

Best Trunk

For Holloween I joined my mother-in-law who made the most awesome costumes for trunk or treat at FBC D'ville. We all dressed as scarecrows and every one loved it. She even won best trunk and a gift certificate to Cracker Barrel... one of her favorites. She is SO creative and has taught me a lot in the creative department!