Friday, February 17, 2012

So Much To Say and SOOO Little Time

It should be quite obvious by now that I have very little time for blogging to say the least. I have also found I have very little time for much else in my life since I have transitioned into becoming a mother. Not to say that becoming a mother is not one of the greatest, most awesomest gifts the Lord can give us. But the past 18 months sure have been a transition to say the least. This may turn out to be quite a lengthy post but I have not updated since November.... I will list some updates and then share a little

School- School could not be better nor more challenging this year. I have some of the greatest students in the world (but they are seasoned whiners at the very least)! So many things have changed school related this year it is insane. We have a new schedule: instead of having kids for one semseter we have them all year. So I have been so blessed to have such sweet darlings, I could not imagine a year with difficult children. We also have a new grading system which is the pits and the county realized that very early, so we will have a new one next year again! We also have these tests called CDA's that we have to administer during a window, then run through an $800,000 program that we had to learn to use. Thank goodness I am done giving mine for the year. The data is helpful, but it requires extra work on our part :)

Home- Not much has changed at home. Jonthan and I are adjusting to parenthood and each day it gets easier, but it sure is a balance! Both of our jobs are going well. We definitely feel we have outgrown our home... but we all know that the market doesn't really care! We have started talking about projects we want to start. We definitely want to build a book case for our nook in the living room so we can put Emersyn's books some where other than a basket. We want to put up some trim/molding in Emersyn's room. I want to make some new roman shade curtains for my kitchen too! For some odd reason one of the sheers completely ripped, we think maybe Emersyn pulled on it...but they were the perfect look for our kitchen...oh well, ill add it to my sewing project list :)

Emersyn- She is getting sooo big. I update her baby book frequently so this will be kind of a duplicate. But she changes so much every day. Her vocabulary has exploded over the last month!! I can't even keep up with all her new words because she is saying something new all the time. She especailly is repeating us, so of course we have to be mindful of what we say. Although we don't use curse words in our everyday language, we do say things like "crap" or "darn" or "dangit". I certainly don't care for her picking up those words, but I'm sure at some point it may happen. She started potty training last week and has done SO good!!! My goal is to have her trained no later than May. She has done REALLY well with tee teeing but we have not gotten her to poop in the potty yet. I have caught the poo poo look on her face a couple time but she will either go before we can get her there or she will tense up and not go. She sleeps like a champ through the night almost every night. Every once in a while she will have a hard night when she will wake up once or twice if she is congested or has a bad dream. Her personality continues to bloom and she is quite the comical little girl. I would say that every stage we have hit has had its pros and cons and while each stage gets a little bit better and more manageable, this particular stage (18mo-2yr) has been a little challenging. She has been whiney the past couple weeks and Susan has noticed as well. We are not sure if her last two teeth that she has yet to cut are bothering her or if its just a stage. She is quite the little walking tornado and that in itself can be very frustrating. It is hard work and will continue to be hard work to teach her to pick up her messes as well as to teach her she can't just throw everything where ever she wants! It is so experience her being able to call the names of those we love! She talks frequently about her grandparents as well as our adopted family the Russells!

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